Work on VideoCoin Network
Dedicate your unused compute power and earn cash
Simple Setup
Our software is so powerful use any hardware that works with Docker to begin working in minutes
Get Paid in Cash
Unlike other projects which deliver inflating tokens as reward we pay our workers in cash
The Future of Video
Be a part of our innovative team by working with us on some of the most cutting edge video projects
How it works
  • 1
    Get Started
    Our quickstart guide will get you setup and running our latest worker software in minutes
  • 2
    Begin Working
    Once your worker node is set up it will receive portions of video files to transcode Once completed it will be submitted for review
  • 3
    Get Paid
    Upon completion of work validation you will be paid for the work completed in cash Cash payments will be handled via Public Mint
Learn How Get Started
Worker Quickstart Guide
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Setting up a Worker on RaspberryPi
Start Tutorial
Setting up a Worker on Jetson Nano
Start Tutorial
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Need Help Setting Up
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Want to Develop with Video Network
Learn how to start building next generation video streaming applications
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Learn more about our groundbreaking staking model and begin staking your tokens
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