Video Infrastructure
The VideoCoin Network is a powerful API-first decentralized video platform that utilizes untapped computing resources to save you money
Lower Cost
By harnessing unused data centers that would otherwise go to waste VideoCoin Network passes the savings onto you
Start Now
Weve removed all of the complexity of video infrastructure so resources can be focused on your application
Infinitely Scalable
This is the next generation of cloud computing The VideoCoin Network platform instantly scales with you
Complete APIFirst Delivery
Whether its publishing video files or hosting live video streams VideoCoin Networks API connects viewers to videos
Video File Encoding
Ingest and encode your video files and output an HLS stream
Livestream With Ease
Stream live from any RTMP or WebRTC source and output an HLS stream
Step 1
Create Stream
{ "name": "file", "input_type": "INPUT_TYPE_FILE", "output_type": "OUTPUT_TYPE_HLS", "profile_id": "190b9d72-208d-4fa2-90b7-5b203c0025d2" }
Step 2
Run Stream
No Stream Created
Step 3
Upload Your Video
{ "url": "http://.../sample.mp4" }
Distribute Video
The Green Solution for Video
Billions of dollars of data centers lay dormant Weve developed an innovative solution that networks these resources and creates a new powerful infrastructure There is no waste only a better way to work
Want to Develop with Video Network
Learn how to start building next generation video streaming applications
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Want To Run a Worker Node
Get started earning cash by enlisting your servers or PC to work on the VideoCoin Network
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Learn more about our groundbreaking staking model and begin staking your tokens
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