VideoCoin Tokenomics
VideoCoin Network is powered by the VID token.
VID tokens enable network functionality and ensure its stability and efficiency.
*Issued by the VideoCoin Development Association Ltd. (VDA), VID tokens were initially offered to early project contributors in a presale beginning in 2017. Contributors seeking the terms and conditions of the VDA presale may access them here.
Token Supply
Token Supply
Current Circulation
152.64 Million
Locked Up Through 2021
90.57 Million
Lifetime Token Supply
265 Million
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December 2020
Extended Company Token Lockups
76% of uncirculated
supply locked up
This lockup though the end of 2021 impacts over 90 million tokens held by the VDA and our service provider partners, and represents 76% of the non-circulating VID token supply.
Efficient Use Of Supply
Remaining supply supports utilization, demand, and growth initiatives during the lockup period.
March 2019
Updated Tokenomics
Rewards For
Work Without Inflation
Our new token model rewards Workers/Miners with VideoCoin (from fees) and Fiat, without creating new tokens.
70% of original supply burned
Workers are now rewarded with fiat and VideoCoin, eliminating token inflation and reducing the total supply by 70%