VideoCoin Network is now Vivid Labs
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Genesis staking lets you stake your VideoCoin for VID rewards.
VID Token Rewards
The Genesis Staking Program is built to allow users to easily delegate tokens into a VideoCoin Network pool to help enable certain basic network functionalities and earn VID rewards in return.
Introductory Staking Pool
Other VideoCoin Network Workers will take time to come online, and we want to kick-start this by setting up a Worker pool to enable certain basic functionalities on the network.
No Inflation Means Real Rewards
The Genesis pool rewards existing VID tokens rather than minting new tokens to pay rewards.
How it Works
  • 1
    Connect your wallet
    Connect a new or existing VideoCoin Wallet to our staking app using MetaMask.
  • 2
    Stake on a Worker
    Once your wallet is connected, you’ll be able to choose one of our Genesis Workers to stake your VID tokens.
  • 3
    Earn VID
    Once staked, you’ll earn consistent VID Token rewards based on the amount of VID tokens you have staked.
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