August 13th, 2021
VideoCoin News
This Week in NFTs: As the NFT Boom Roars Back, Musicians, Influencers, and Athletes Take Notice
Musicians, Influencers, and Athletes are taking NFTs more seriously as they come back into the spotlight. Following high-profile NFT drops in the first quarter of the year, other public figures have since quietly spent their time developing their NFT strategies.
July 22nd, 2021
VideoCoin News
Everybody Wants to Get Into the NFT Act!
Technology and content go hand-in-hand. Content creators and creatives must also be technologists with expertise over the tech that powers their mediums.
July 14th, 2021
VideoCoin News
Have Questions About NFT Marketplace Alpha? We’ve Got Answers!
The launch of our NFT Marketplace Alpha has been a great success: It is now easier than ever to create your own NFT marketplace! Earlier this month, we also released the Alpha source code for the app. While we have been getting a lot of interest and positive feedback, there have also been some questions from the community. We’d like to answer some of those questions here
July 1st, 2021
VideoCoin News
VideoCoin NFT Marketplace Alpha Now Live
We’re excited to announce the Alpha launch of the VideoCoin NFT Marketplace app. We encourage users to start creating and launching their very own marketplaces starting today, the repository can be found on the VideoCoin Github.
June 24th, 2021
Crypto Mode
Mogul Productions One of Several Startups Bringing NFTs to Film Industry
In April, film and comic book legend Frank Miller teamed up with gaming art maker Concept Art House and blockchain game company Gala Games to produce nonfungible token (NFT) collectibles based on his uber-popular Sin City series.
June 1st, 2021
Are Movies And Streaming The Next Frontier For NFTs?
Few industries have had to adapt as dramatically to digital and transform as the film and entertainment sectors. Gen Xers witnessed VHS triumph over Betamax in the VCR wars, the first major format to bring movies into households.
April 29th, 2021
Built on Filecoin and IPFS, NFT.Storage offers free protection for NFT asset data
NFT.Storage, a service specifically created for storing NFT data and backed by Protocol Labs and Pinat, has announced its launch. NFT.Storage allows developers to store non-fungible token (NFT) data on decentralized networks easily, securely, and for free.
April 10th, 2021
Ethereum World News
Filecoin (FIL) to Power Video NFTs Through Integration with VideoCoin
The decentralized file storage project of Filecoin (FIL) will soon be the home of video NFTs thanks to an integration with VideoCoin (VID). The latter project is working on creating a solution for the reliable creation, storage and trading of video NFTs on the Ethereum network.
April 9th, 2021
DeFi World Is About to Get Its First Video NFT Platform
If you’re a follower of the crypto/blockchain world, there’s a good chance that you might have heard of NTFs (non-fungible tokens) by now. Though once an ambiguous part of blockchain technology, NFTs are now taking on the digital art and gaming world by storm.
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