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Powering NFTs for everyone
VideoCoin creates NFTs that are complete media experiences. It’s the next-gen solution for entirely new content and brand engagement.

We enable any content creator, brand, retailer, or content platform to mint and sell expansive NFTs through our blockchain-enabled, decentralized network.
NFTs reimagined
Build complete media experiences
VideoCoin’s enhanced NFT+ format transforms NFTs from mere single asset digital collectibles to dynamic containers holding any number of media elements, of any type.
Rapid deployment
Your own NFT marketplace in 15 minutes
With our installer, you can launch a fully powered NFT storefront in no time. Now any content creator, brand, retailer, or content platform can mint, sell, and auction NFTs, and more – a white label, full stack integrated toolkit that saves you nearly a year of development time and resources.
Any media type
If it’s media, we can make it an NFT
Our expansive NFT+ format has unique capabilities, and supports any media type: video, JPEG, PNG, VR, 3D Blender, MP3, PDF, you name it…
Advanced features
No longer are NFTs limited to a single piece of media. VideoCoin’s NFT+ containers can hold multiple media assets - all at once.
Flexible Rights Management
Each media asset in an NFT+ can have its own permissions, giving you granular control over how and when the media unlocks.
Easily and continuously add more media to any NFT+ after it’s been minted, or even sold.
Decentralized video processing on our native blockchain significantly reduces the cost of encoding, transcoding, distribution, and storage.
Resilience & Longevity
Each NFT+ is encrypted with a private key immutably linking NFT data and each asset to its location on Filecoin, for long-term durability.
More UNIQUE features
No crypto.
Our solution is integrated with Public Mint to enable payment in credit card, wire, and ACH. No need to own crypto or understand the world of crypto.
VideoCoin Network’s Proof-of-Stake system ensures our Workers are up to 1000x more efficient than Bitcoin miners, dramatically lowering environmental impact.
No walled gardens here. Our NFTs can work on any ETH-compatible chain.
Supercharge your apps
Build NFT
capabilities into your app effortlessly
Leverage the only solution made for NFT+ , and optimized for the unique demands of video NFTs — a complete suite of tools to create your own fully functioning enhanced NFT+ marketplace right out of the box.
Origin Proof & Longevity
Expanded metadata plus decentralized content storage secures ownership and assures resilience.
Massive cost savings
Processing on VideoCoin Network delivers NFT operations orders of magnitude cheaper than on Ethereum.
Cross-platform compatibility
Transactions mirrored on Ethereum to ensure interoperability with popular NFT apps and marketplaces.
Video Processing
Unleash robust video infrastructure with just a few lines of code
VideoCoin provides efficient and cost-effective video processing, whether you’re developing for on-demand or VR or livestreaming — or something completely new.
Use VideoCoin’s decentralized network
of compute power to realize your creative vision.
Open source, API-first ecosystem
Encoding, bit rate packaging, rights management
A fraction of the cost of others
Ignite your innovations with VideoCoin
Tap our Network
Turn your unused compute power into cash
VideoCoin apps run on a decentralized network of compute power - provided by you. Whether you run a data center or an individual PC, convert your unused CPU cycles into revenue.
Put your VID to work
Earn cash rewards
Stake your unused VID to worker nodes on the VideoCoin Network to earn cash rewards from the work they do.
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Team and Advisors
Halsey Minor
Halsey and his team at Live Planet have founded or co-founded services that today generate 325 million monthly users with a cumulative market value of over $250 Billion.
Devadutta Ghat
Devadutta Ghat
CTO, Live Planet
Seth Shapiro
Seth Shapiro
CEO, Artaku NFT
Hanno Basse
Hanno Basse
Azure CTO, Media & Entertainment at Microsoft
Ted Schilowitz
Ted Schilowitz
Futurist at Paramount Pictures
John Ward
John Ward
Jason King
Jason King
Managing Partner at CGS Group
Kellam Ames
Kellam Ames
Director, Ecosystem Development
Jeremy Drane
Jeremy Drane
Crypto Entrepreneur
Meet the entire Live Planet team
Live Planet, Inc. develops and operates the VideoCoin Network under agreement with the VideoCoin Development Association Ltd. Its principals and a team of accomplished media and technology advisors drive the innovation that is reimagining the future of video.
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